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Aquaphor- keeping skin hydrated this winter

As much as I love the winter, crisp mornings with heavy fog with a dark start and dark end to the day, it does have an impact on my skin. As well as being a community nurse in a rural area, I also suffer from keratosis pilaris on my upper arms.

Helping in the elements

As a nurse, one thing I do more than anything else is wash my hands! As much as it’s a necessary pet of my job – ot does have a telling effect on my hands. They become dry, chapped and so irritated.    Once they split my hands are as much as an infection risk as unclean hands, so I need to keep them moisturised and supple to prevent this. Leaving peoples homes to go straight into the cold air really makes them dry. Eucerin Aquaphor is small enough to keep in my nursing bag or glove box and is readily absorbed quick enough to allow me to apply and not worry about being all greasy for my next patient visit. A little goes along way, but it really does melt into the skin and I could see a difference pretty much instantly, allowing my sling to breathe and heal.

Helping existing conditions 

I suffer from keratosis pilaris which, to be put simply, is the build up of keratin within the follicles of the skin. This makes the skin on my arms so dry, rough and itchy, especially when I have a flare up. Hot weather or cold weather flares it up and it doesn’t go away with exfoliating or any moisturisers that I have tried to date. It’s simply to dry and to quick to change. 

As I tried the Aquaphor I was having a flare up due to a change fe in the weather, so this allowed me to test the balm to its full potential. As it’s a balm and needed to melt in the skin as such, the balm clings to the dry areas that need help, it was absorbed but also left a kositirises slyer so I didn’t have that rough feeling. After about 24 hours I could really see a significant difference – my skin is always dull due to the dryness but I actually saw a sheen and glow to my skin. I was so impressed and very happy to say that Aquaphor is now part of my daily routine.

Handy for everyone

Once I know I have a product that works, I tend to stick to it and incorporate it into the families routine too. As Aquaphor has only 7 ingredients, fragrance and preservative free, I am happy to use it on the kids too. Both boys get wind chapped cheeks from the school run, so I make sure to slather some on their precious faces before we leave the house to make sure they skin doesn’t get any more irritated. 



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