The the festivities Be-Gin!

You can’t escape that Gin has been everywhere once again this year  & we have been lucky enough be able to review the new edition of That Boutique-y Gin Companys advent calendar again this year. We enjoyed it so much last year as it was a real festive treat to have – this year the packaging is different – on trend navy blue and there are different flavours inside. I always thought I was a plain gin fan but I really enjoy the flavoured gins especially the spit roast pineapple which I’m happy to say is included in this years.

If you’re looking for different advent calendar to have this year that this is definitely the one to go for. That bit of pizzazz every evening over Christmas and also looks really pretty. The packaging is robust and the little bottles are so sweet. I’m going to give you a bit of a lowdown on this advent calendar I won’t give everything away and tell you all the favours because that’s something you can enjoy on the 1st of December but I’ll show you few that are featured and what I love about the calendar. 

Well wrapped

The packaging this year has got an on trend navy background with two sassy cats enjoying Christmas in front of the tree. With a tipple, naturally. There are 24 windows for you to find a gin behind each one. If you order the calendar via mail then it’s there is nothing to worry about in transit because it’s really strong, hard cardboard thatreally retains its shape and isn’t flimsy when you open the doors either. 

There are some expected, traditional vein flavours but also some more quirky flavours  which you read out loud and cannot imagine them working. Let me assure you they do! I was happy enough to enjoy some of the gins neat or mix with a bog standard tonic but they would be greatly complimented by adding a flavored tonic water.

Some of my favourites

Very Old Tom

The only way I can descirbe this, is that its a sort of whisky/gin mash up. Its really peaty and smoky and is almost reminisant of a coal fire. As its so warming, its perfect for the cold nights and something that would be so, SO perfect for Bonfire Night

Strawberry & Balsamic

Now, I don’t even like balsamic vinegar so this was a straight off no, before I had even tried it. However, I can say that this is my favourite gin of all time. Its such a vibrant flavour that wouldn’t get drowned out by a flavoured gin but is also sweet enough to drink neat if wanted. The colour also adds some extra zing and fun

Yuletide Gin

Nothing really encapsulates Christmas like opulence, gold and sparkle. This gin has all that, no really – there are gold flakes in the gin! This traditional tasting gin brings its own flair with its shimmer. A perfect tot to feel warm, fuzzy and gilded this year!

Spit Roast Pineapple

I have told everyone i know about this gin. its simply exquisite. The roasted flavour of the pineapple is unmistakable and is almost dessert like in its quality. the golden colour adds a depth to tonic and this is another really warming gin for the chilly winter months.

If you know a gin lover then give them a massive surprise with this calendar, what better surprise than opening this on Dec 1st! available from here

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