Gifts for littles 1-2 years

I have found it super hard to gather inspiration for Dexter’s gifts this year, mostly because he loves to play with Freddie’s current toys, rather than his own toys and I kind of feel like i’m regressing with the ability to buy him something age appropriate that he will like.

I have worked with some wonderful brands who have enlightened me with some fantastic ideas to get the creative juices flowing for Dex’s gifts and some presents just for him that he will love and get use out of.

My First photos book

This is the most perfect gift, not only for Dexter but for my whole family. This most perfectly made and thought of gift is this fabric photobook with words. As I lost my Dad back in March, I had this gift made to include his lovely face in photographs and some lovely, simple words for the boys to say. Dexter wont ever remember his granddad, so it was more of a memento for him, whereas Freddie has taken great comfort from the book, especially since school as he can sound out the words and actually read it. The fabric is soft to touch and the colours can also be personalised. The quality of the photos printed on fabric is something else I was pleasantly impressed with too. You can have a look at the website here

Remote control Fiat 500

When i saw this i knew it was perfect – Dexter loves cars, having taken a massive liking to my moms new car which is a cream fiat 500. As soon as he saw this cheerful little car he was so chuffed, the steering wheel remote control section of the car is easily handled by little hands too. there arr no sharp areas and it worked so easily, he especially loves the happy little beep of the horn he can control

Klean Kanteen drinks bottles

Since I had the boys the sippy cup ratio is insane, they must breed but not only that, be masters of hiding too. This isn’t good, I hate buying more plastic that i need too but i have to take drinks bottles for the boys for the constant drinks requests. They are insulated, durable and look oh so slick. I use the hot and cold flask for warm milk for Dexter out and about especially on a nice woodland walk and his stainless steel I use for cool milk or water – and it stays cool all day too. There are really no limits with them though –  I sometimes even add soup. They are easy to clean and keep clean, most of all though i’m happy to report not a single leak! 

Zippy racers Game

We have a pet Giant African Land Snail called Hoggle. Due to this Dexter is obsessed with all things snails, so i knew this game would be a hit for the family. Racing snails sounds absurd but its a fantastic game to collect the most petals and win the game. I,m sure Hoggle would love one of these colourful guys in his tank to jazz it up a little. The game is easy to use and explain so Freddie has learnt how to set it up and use it quite quickly, Dexter loves moving the snail for his brother.

Super Wings – Robot ready Jett

This interactive friend is so easy for little hands to operate and have fun with. Jett’s eyes light up and he talks in a happy voice which Dexter loves. find the control panel on his arm and hear his flight commands and see his boosters light up too. he even changes his facial expression. He is a perfect size for Dexter and has been able to withstand lots of rigorous take offs and landings!

These items have been sent to me for inclusion in this gift guide. All words and images are my own.

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