Smart Globe Myth edition

Within a week of Freddie starting school there was a real shift in how aware he was if things around him, around the world and where we live. He loves to see where different animals live in the world, is fascinated by the difference in time zones, the patterns of of stars in the night sky and loves looking at our holiday photos to see where we have been. He would love to go back to Sri Lanka with us! When the opportunity came for us to review the Smart Globe 2in1 Myth edition, I knew he would relish looking around the world from many different perspectives.

The Oregon smart globe is 2in1, meaning that it can be used in day mode, which is your standard globe, brightly coloured showing the world in all its glory and it really looks the part. It stands proudly in Freddie’s room and really looks good. The second part of the globe is the night mode. This shows the globe in an illuminated display of constellations around the globe.

We all love this feature as it is so impressive, it’s perfect as a night light as there are two levels of brightness but also as a calm down exercise before bed, it’s wonderful to look around the globe at the constellations and see what we can also see. Both the boys love this aspect the most and it’s lovely to see Freddie explaining about the world to Dexter.

The globe also has an audio function that you can use if you wish. The voice guides you around the world in stories about Greek mythology, facts about the earth like natural disasters or fairy tales. The Audio is easily activated by a touch of a button and really brings an extra dimension to the globe. Please don’t think this is just for the kiddies either, I have learnt quite a lot from the audio aspect and even learnt some more constellations!

The globe comes with batteries so you can use is straight away, always a bonus that it’s ready to go especially with either kiddies. It’s very simple to use as a glove it’s self, straight forward with the functions on the stand. It does feature AR augmented reality to use with a smartphone or tablet etc to really enhance and bring the features to life. I thought Freddie would adore this as it’s really impressive to see but he was more taken with the globe, I’m not sure if it’s because I did this on my phone rather than a tablet and it was a little small so that’s something for me to think about.

The myth SmartGlobe is available for £39.99

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