Tonka Power Movers – cement mixer review

As much as Freddie (and now just as much, Dexter) love playing with their cars and garages there is a definite passion that always shines though for them – construction vehicles. They both have lots of them but when we were sent the Tonka Power Movers mixer to review, it came with a difference, it makes noises when driving forwards and backwards. Proper vehicle noises, called motion drive technology.

This was a complete mind blower for the boys!

There are four vehicles to choose from, mixer (which we had) dump truck, front loader and bull dozer. I love this as I know Freddie will really appreciate the whole set to have a “work site” going on – with them being priced at £19.99 each they aren’t going to break the bank and I think that’s a fab price for the Tonka name. Also, becusse it’s been such a hit, I have got a few suggestions for Santa’s gift list this year too! 

The mixer feels proper quality in the hand and when being “driven” its sturdy and robust, which is just as well as ours has been in gravel and sand doing over time!

The tyres have nice deep treads to leave tracks (a fave of Freddie’s) The mixer unit is powered by a small handle to rotate it, but it also comes to life with the Motion Drive Technology (and it comes to life straight out the box as BATTTERIES ARE INCLUDED!).


Not only that but when the activation button is pressed, tbe headlights activate with an ignition sound and on the drive forward engine noises are made. However when the vehicle is pulled backwards in a reverse motion, the reverse noise sensors also play! It’s so realistic and has gone down a storm with the boys because it’s so true to life. The vehicles have also won a gold award at the 2018 Practical Preschool awards and you can get them from Amazon here

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