Bringing some colour to Halloween with Little Brian Paint sticks

I love the kids being free and nurturing their creative side, I love to see their creations and ideas but sadly it comes with a big slice of mess. Even with every apron, table cloth and baby wipe in the world it’s unavoidable.

That’s why when we got to review Little Brian paint sticks and fabric paint sticks I knew we would be onto a less messy winner this Halloween and set about our spooky challenge!

The sticks themselves are just like a glue stick, you can wind it up and down to get more out and there a neat lid to keep it safely contained. This is easy to remove for little hands and my boys didn’t need assistance with this.

The paint is sort of a cross between a soy candle and a wax crayon, it’s really pliable and easy to draw with.
The colours come in a rainbow of options including metallics and neons. We were sent 24 paint sticks and 12 fabric sticks.

We used our paint sticks to create some fun window art and also paint some pumpkins in a spooky night time sky scene. Dexter decide to colour his orange pumpkin orange, which was nice!

When it came to the fabric paint sticks I gave Freddie full creative reign and he decided he wanted to make a spooky pillow case for Halloween night. I thought this was an excellent idea, he choose a pumpkin and a vampire bat to be his images.

I helped draw the shape whilst he did some colouring (especially the bats bloody teeth!)

I would suggest a pillow case is a little tricky to use because of the double thickness do maybe place a chopping board inside to get some really clean vivid lines (I though do this afterwards!)

What I love about the fabric sticks is that you can set them (and wash the item of fabric at 40c) using a hairdryer or an iron. This would be good for a baby shower or birthday party game or momento too, they are really effective.


It’s sI have an easy way to put a spin on arty craft with minimal mess. They glide on materials meaning Dexter’s little hands could use them too.

We have got a 12 pack of fabric paint sticks to give away from Little Brian so if you would like to grab a pack enter below!


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