1 syn faggots, chips & peas with onion gravy

I have done really well on slimming world so far, everything I have fancied have been able to make a Syn Free or low syn version to enjoy.

However for the past few days I have been desperately craving faggots – I get them from my local butcher and I adore them but they are so high in fat. I have never made faggots so really wasn’t sure I could emulate that authentic Black Country taste. I gave it a go and I am thrilled with the results! They are the perfect comfort food for an autumnal night or just a healthier version of a Black Country Classic.

Teamed with Syn Free onion gravy (loosely based around Mrs mummy Wright’s) it’s a perfect tea.

For the faggots

500g 5% fat pork mince

250g lambs liver (tongice some sweetness)

25g stuffing mix

Salt, oxo, mixed herbs for seasoning

For the Syn Free gravy

Three onions

An oxo

Water to cover whilst boiling 


  1. Finely chop (or food process) the lambs liver, and mix into the pork.
  2. add the dry stuffing mix, herbs, whole oxo and seasoning (I did this by eye really so id day at least a teaspoon of each)
  3. roll into balls, I made four chunky faggots to make them a syn each but obviously you can adjust this how you want.
  4. cook on 120c for about hour to develop a crust and cook through.
  5. Get some Syn Free chips on the go whilst you make your Syn Free gravy
  6. cover the faggots with 3/4 of the gravy and put back in the oven at 180c for ten minutes.
  7. serve with peas or how ever you like.

To make the gravy

  1. Chop three Edwin onions and put in a saucepan with an oxo
  2. cover with boiling water and boil until the onion is soft
  3. when cool blitz in a food processor.
  4. done!

Hope you enjoy the faggots, you could even try them with your HEXb choice to make them Syn Free but I think it’s eSier to use the stuffing as it gives it extra flavour too. Check out my recipe for filthy fries SW style here

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