Putting pen to paper

It’s no secret that these days where there kids there is usually a device and screen nearby. No judgement here btw, it’s done by us all at some point in the day but it soon all adds up. Recent research by BIC has shown that kids spend about 3 hours away from their screens, if you factor in school then time at home can be a frenzy of screen time and homework with little of anything else.

How times change 

I know that when I was little I adored drawing, I spent hours creating different pictures of animals and cartoons and it was my favourite thing to do. If I droned that I was bored I was told to play up the garden or to go and play in my room. And I did. I used my imagination and I’d be up the garden for hours, on one adventure or another. I did have a computer but I never felt the need to be on it like my son feels he should be on his, watching other children do activities of course!

Do children even have time to be bored these days?

The school week is a long week i think, I knwo they are learning and socialising but it’s still long. The trouble is, when the weekend comes I feel that we must utilise this precious time and go out here, there and everywhere to do something or see someone. It’s all go. Why? Because I don’t want the kids to be bored, I worry it’s wasting the weekend. How daft is that?

Is boredom really that bad?

The study shows that kids say “im bored” about 122 times a month, but it needed be the elephant in the room of childhood. I know that when Freddie has been punished and his tablet taken away etc that he soon goes off and plays using his mind, making characters and voices and getting lost in his own worlds. He even forgets his tablet! Using imagination gets creativity going and pen and paper is such an easy way of doing this.

Putting pen to paper 

Drawing and writing are th easiest and most affordable way of unleashing imagination and creativity, whilst staying away from the screens! BIC kindly send us an array of writing and drawing goodies to get the ball roling. I was a bit apprehensive that the boredom wails would start flying around and Fred was not impressed to begin with but we got there. Even Dexter joined in and Fred got stuck in creating a little story and some characters.

This is a collaborative post with BIC

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