Staying warm with Simply Hike

The weather has already changed and I can sense the biting chill of the winter winds coming soon. We are still new to the school run and this is is going to be an unwelcome addition, not to mention the wind and rain that has already struck us! Finding a warm, light but protective winter coat for Freddie has been on my agenda for a while, Simply Hike contacted us and had just the perfect one lined up.

Simply perfect

I’ll be honest, I hadn’t heard of Simply Hike before and so it wasn’t even on my radar for a winter coat.   The website holds a massive range of all the gear you could need for any hike, foods, drinks, camping equipment but also Boys ski jackets which is where I’d found the perfect coat for Freddie. It’s a Parka style coat (a style I have always loved, I even had one years ago with the classic orange lining!) As some of the jackets are made for the ski speciality they are perfect for keeping warm in the coldest environments but also light enough to be active and get moving.

Fit for purpose

The coat we chose from the range of Boys ski jackets was the Color Kids Kalata Parka Jacket and what really caught my eye was not just how warm and snug it looks but also the fact that it is Water Repellent, Breathable, Windproof and Dirt Repellent. Dirt repellent! This was something we had to put to the test and it really does work, we went on a long country walk and literally the soil and mud that Freddie collected just brushed off without being ingrained. Perfect for on the playground too for this very case!

Protected from the elements

My favourite feature is the generous hood, of course with the iconic Parka fur trim. This is so warm and really protect the face. Freddie absolutely hates to wear a scarf or winter hat so this will do a great job of combining the two to keep him warm in the wind and rain. Imagine a snowy day when all you can see it the warm breath emitting form this fluffy hood – I can see lots of “what’s the time Mr Wolf” games on the horizon!


I’m really pleased with the coat, I can see it’s going to last him and be comepltely functional, perfect for Forest school and winter walks, but more so thag Freddie actually likes wearing it. That’s one less battle and so I know he is going to actually wear it, he finds the zip really easy to operate so he can be more independent sorting himself out getting ready for school. We have given it a wash and it’s remained beautiful, even down to the hoods faux fur trim, which I know can be a shortfall on some coats. I also like that there are built in areas to pop a name in so that it doesn’t go “walkabouts” at school! The sleeves are my favourite feature as they have a built in cuff, so they stay where they need to be and it’s just another form of wind protection.





The item featured in this post was is part of an honest review. All words and images are my own.


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