Syn free Filthy chunky chips with chilli,bacon & cheese.

So here’s my first Slimming World recipe after joining today. I loved topped and loaded fries so here is a syn free version, it’s very much interchangeable with whatever you want and you can change amounts to your liking, too. Filthy chunky chips.


– Two large potatoes, Cut into chunky chips (or small fries if you prefer – just cook for less)

– handful of 5% minced beef

– one tablespoon of mixed beans

– one tablespoon of baked beans

– half a can of chopped tomatoes 

– one yellow pepper sliced

– two medium tomatoes sliced

– three roughly chopped spring onions

– two smoked bacon medalions sliced into strips or diced

– 30g of cheddar for HExA

– salt, Cajun spice, chilli flakes and garlic granules for taste.

Fry light the cut chips and pop in a Sandwhich bag with the seasonings, give a good shake and tip onto a baking sheet for about 30 mins at 220oc. While they are cooking cook the mince with some garlic and chilli flakes (you can add the bacon at this point to or wait till the end when the pain is empty so you can sprinkle it over). Add the spring onions, tomatoes and sliced pepper and cook off. Then add the two lots of beans, tinned toms and some seasoning to your taste. 

Remove the chips, whack on your plate and add the chilli and bacon. Top with cheese and enjoy! Check out my take on SW friendly faggots here


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