PJ masks giving us a #superstarttoschool

The last week for us has been extraordinarily monumental. In fact it’s been a few weeks longer than that for me which the angst of waiting for it all to happen. 

You see, my first-born has started school! 

Now I know I’ll seem silly but I have literally been dreading this moment since he was born, I hate the thought of him being so without me and off on his own, even though he needs this to flourish it seems so unnatural for me to just leave him. He so needed it though, he really did.

A big thing for Freddie is that he doesn’t like big changes to the way things always have been, we had big battles with the start of nursery and so I have been really worrying that the start of school would bring a fresh onslaught of upset and worry. Freddie likes an element of familiarity, even in the smallest form of carrying a small truck or car with him, it really helps. When the lovely people at PJ Masks offered to send us some goodies to help him along in his transition to school, I knew that he would enjoy the familiarity of his fave little heroes.

Form the start they have helped me engage Freddie, you see is he such an outdoor, exploring and nature loving kind of boy (which I love and I know is no bad thing) but I worry that his academia interests need to be nurtured more. 

Within the #superstarttoschool gifts that we were sent were fun activities to help writing and letter formation, memory recall as well as many others that come under the 10 superpowers that are entwined within PJ Masks are ones that Freddie can really relate to and focus on. Honestly they struck a chord with me too!

  • Big feelings
  • Persistence
  • Curiosity
  • Memory
  • Friendship
  • Self Control
  • Perception
  • Listening 
  • Precision 
  • Movement 

All of these values will play a big part in his transition to school and growing up. It’s a great ethos for anyone to stand by and I have really enjoyed talking to Fred about it and seeing what he thinks about each one.

He loves using the First writing wipe clean because he can write his letters and wipe away any mistakes. I’ve found this really helps him preserve and not get as frustrated as he would normally so really helping him gain some self control and precision.

As Freddie is technology savvy like all kids nowadays he has felt so grown up using Leap Frog Leap Start interactive learning system as he feels like he is using his bey own laptop. We paired this with the PJ Masks Math hero to keep him interested and entertained.

I’ve found this is something he needs no encouragement to use as he just takes it out and starts using it whenever he wants and that’s so pleasing to see. Another electronic item that he ADORES is the VTech Super Learning Headquarters he thinks this is just a racing game and doesn’t realise that he is learning while he “races” it’s fast paced and requires graduated concentration so it’s skills he can build on a develop. The lights and sounds are so encouraging and Dexter Loves to watch his brother to use it too.

Another item which has been a big hit with Fred is PJ Masks memory game Now honestly, this would be something’s that isn’t Freddie’s kettle of fish at all, so I tend to steer clear of these types of games. However he absolutely loves pairing the characters up and also you could see how proud he was each time I added more cards to make it a bit harder. I suppose it’s given me a lesson to not stick to the activities your child likes, just because they like them as things will never change. I’m probably most pleased with this as he really concentrated (look at that tongue!) and he had such a sense of achievement doing it.

Watching him walk off into school with his PJ Masks lunchbag and dinner pot really choked me up. I was so emotional and I still can’t quite believe this time is here, but I’m so glad the blow can be softened (for them at least!) with a bit of preparation and skill base. Thanks PJ Masks you have really given Freddie a #superstarttoschool and from one worried Mom this is beyond a relief!

If YOU have little ones who would love a super start this September and these amazing PJ Masks goodies..

  • Super Learning HQ
  • First writing book
  • Memory cards
  • Puzzle
  • Sticker album set
  • Lunch box

Then enter here!

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