Ava Fertility Bracelet monitor review

I count myself lucky in the fact that I know exactly when I ovulate. I experience mittleschmerz or middle pain, which can actually be profoundly painful on some occasions. However I take this as a good sign that everything is working as it should be within my body and I am going through ovulation. This has helped me conceive my two boys and I know I’m incredibly lucky for this being the case.

What if you don’t experience this though?

On serveral occasions I haven’t experienced this pain and I have felt completely out of the loop with my cycle. At the time I was on medication for slipped disc, stressed at work or been ill with an infection. I find this fascinating that my cycle can be influenced and changed so much. However, just because I didn’t experience the ovulation pain on this time, did this mean I really didn’t ovulate?

I have been using the Ava Women monitor as part of a review to see how it can help woman track their cycle, pregnancy health or when trying to convince, monitoring things like body temperature, heart rate variants, sleep patterns and breathing rate to determine when they may be in follicular or luteal phase.

What I love is that is can determine a change in heart rate being just stress or pinpoint that the body is determined to ovulate. I’m a nurse and always stressed from work, so it’s nice to know this can be determined. It was comfortable to wear and not heavy at all – it didn’t interfere with my sleep.

This month has been pretty full on, ending with me being stressed, panic attacks and on medication for my heart (and) you guessed it; no ovulation pain. I was certain this month was a no show.

But the Ava told me otherwise.

So here you can see a spike in my body temperature (a sign that ovulation is imminent) followed by my fertile days.

This was followed by my period prediction which was bang on correct, earlier than usual too. So much so I thought I had outsmarted the app, but it actually out smarted me! Baffled!

What I love about the Ava is that it’s worn only during sleep just like a wrist watch, and tracks all the information it needs from there. You just sync via the app in the morning and off you go! It’s easy to read and visibly see via the graph at where you’re at so there no determining a guesstimate of where you are, you know.

I was fully prepared to be wearing my nurse’s hat and prove the Ava Women app wrong but it’s so efficient. No need to even wear it all day long, four hours is the minimum duration!

This review was based on my experience of using the Ava Women fertility bracelet.

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