The importance of a family workspace

When I was younger I remember my parents buying a beautiful, solid oak desk for me to have my first computer on. I was only about 6 I think, and it was an Amiga – I loved it! My parents had got me the desk as a place for my homework when I was a lot older, I didn’t see the importance of it then. It once I reached secondary school it was used daily for my homework needs and revising for exams.

It’s something I have thought of for my own boys, they need a place where hey can do extra school work, out the way of any distractions and where things can be kept organised. This might seem a long way off as they are so young but I feel that it won’t be as big a deal to them if it’s introduced early and they get into good habits of a good working space and routines of doing any extra work or projects, I know that it really helped me focus and work well.

Since Freddie starts school in September I have already been looking around for desks that I feel are suitable for our home and our families needs as our boys grow. I have been looking around and found some gorgeous desks that I feel will fit the bill and can be  practical within our home.

This Salto desk really caught my eye as it looks so well built and sturdy. Teamed with a chunky, comfortable chair it would be a perfect place for writing out some English homework or annotating a science drawing! I love how robust the drawers look, giving it lots of storage space, as well as the cupboard to store bigger items or large books. The overall look of the desk also fits well within our home.

I also really like this Lynnhurst desk because it’s upcycled. This is a look I really love, I have a definite penchant for upcycled and reused items as it makes them so unique and multipurpose. I like the fact that it isn’t to polished and preened, -/ afterall in the early days it will probably be anointed with paint and glue! This desk has plenty of workspace but also looks like it isn’t the bulky, almost like a space saver, which would make it perfect to house in one of our smaller rooms until it’s really used daily for the boys Home Work. It would also be perfect for them to have one in their room each so they both had a work space and area of their own.

I do think a desk finished off a room as well as a boost of storage space or even as a dressing table.   I found some gorgeous interior items on http://www.lionshome.co.uk/ which would fit in our home perfectly, there are lots to choose from and in many different styles and prices. It won’t be long before my boys are sat at their desks busily working away on their latest school project, or no doubt asking me for help on algebra! Eeek!




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