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Whatever age you are, you will know Winnie the Pooh and his special friends from 100 acre woods. Just thinking of Pooh bear takes me right back to my childhood days and all of the wonderful memories I have from them, Sunday nights in front of the fire with something on toast for tea, long walks in the woods and the neverending summers of school holidays. It’s so lovely that Pooh bear and friends are a house hold name and much loved by so many whether by TV, film, toys or like me, a worn out hard book story book.

Pooh and his gang are about to come full circle and grace us once again with the new Christopher Robin movie, heading our way on August 17th. Just the trailer is worth a watch it’s self, the characters look so real and we cannot WAIT to see it (Piglet looks OH SO CUTE!) To celebrate this, Posh Paws have released a gorgeous collection of plush toys in sizes 7?, 10? and 20?  featuring all the gang — Winnie The Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore of course Tigger all ready to join the fun.

We have been sent 10” versions of Winnie The Pooh & Piglet so that we can join in the fun too. They are suitable from birth so both of my boys have been able to enjoy them, however Freddie has taken a particular liking to them! They are so silky soft to touch and snuggle up too for a bedtime story or perhaps on a windy beach day, or even to welcome a new baby into the world.

Now, don’t get me wrong, yes they are absolutely gorgeous but that doesn’t mean they are “for best” this huggable pair are adventure ready. Freddie is like me in lots of ways but mostly he really makes emotional connections with things, especially plush toys. He has a dog which he has had from birth, who is now raggy, rough and worn out but he still goes everywhere, everyday! This is exactly what Freddie has planned for his two new buddies. After holiday we were all ill, so our adventures were indoor based, but this included forts and tents with Pooh & Piglet as well as bedtimes with their new found friend. Wait till they get taken out to grace the Shropshire hills!

I much prefer a soft, snuggly plush toy over any other, to me it’s effectively like giving a “holdable hug” to someone. I love nothing better to see a well loved, cherished cuddly that is full of memories and stories. I have so many threadbare bears but they mean so much to me, such as one my dad got me when I was born – now he is no longer here that bear is more special that it’s ever been.

Have you or your children got a special snuggly plush toy that’s full of memories?

You can find PoshPaws and their collections here –

T: https://twitter.com/PoshPawsInt

F: https://www.facebook.com/PoshPawsInternational/

I: https://www.instagram.com/poshpawsplush/



Winnie the Pooh soft toys are available to buy from Debenhams Christopher Robin Collection 10” £14.99



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