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Dr Browns deluxe electric steam steriliser review

There is always something new in the world of parenting however many children you have. Getting to grips with prescription milk and everything that comes with it was a big learning curve for us with Dexter, the main issue being was that the milk, thickener and medication leaves a horrible film on his bottles that is very difficult to remove and builds up really fast. If you have a child on Neocate milk you also will know that it STINKS even to the fact that we have to frequently bleach our drains and add boiling water as the residue builds up and it smells disgusting. We have been using the Dr Brown’s deluxe electric steriliser as part of the Dr Brown’s Ambassador program and we have used this to combat bottle residue even though Dexter doesn’t technically need sterilised bottles.

First off what I love is that it’s ready to rock and roll straight away, no assembling or faffing just good to go! It’s a much more sleeker, space saving design when it comes to work surface space. It’s taller rather than wide or flat and this works so well in our kitchen and is also why it fits a range of bottle sizes with ease.

Another feature which I love it’s the clasp push button lid, I have only ever used sterilisers which have lids which sort of just fit one (or balance cautiously) on top, which always, always fall off when moved. This lid feels so much better because it’s secure and it also allows you to just unclip the bottom or top section without having teats etc falling everywhere and needing sterilising again because they have been kept in their compartment.

The top section allows for dummies, teats, bottle collars, anti colic valves and stoppers to be sterilised together as well as any toys or teethers if you need. The bottom section is made to fit a range of bottle sizes, tall and thin like the Dr Browns bottles we use or short and wide, along with bottle lids and anti colic inners. This is a pull out section to allow you to reach the heating element to add your water for steaming via the premeasured jug. There are tongs for removing   Sterile items, which are a little tricky to grab son of the wider items with but you soon find a technique to combat this!

Operation of the steriliser is really straight forward, there is an on/off switch and a start cycle button. This is featured next to the heating, ready and cool cycle lights. These are colour coordinated so it’s easy to see at a glance where the cycle is. When the heating part is commencing is super quiet and so fast! The cooling cycle is too, very efficient.

Here is my short video on for a brief overview of the steriliser

This would have been really handy when Dexter was in his newborn stage going through so many bottles but also it’s so good for us now as it’s part of our cleaning routine whilst he has prescription milk. We wash thoroughly in washing up liquid, sterilise and then wipe inside with a damp cloth when all of the residue is broken down.



We were sent this item as part of the ambassador scheme featuring our honest reviews

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