Five tips get your garden summer ready

What I love most about summer, is that once the sun arrives we all start to migrate outdoors more. Im not just talking about days out and holidays but nearer to home, very near in fact in our own back gardens. Isn’t it lovely noticing that first smell of a BBQ faintly in the air or looking forward to having no muddy footprints off the dogs or even friends round for lazy evening drinks.

But what if you aren’t garden ready?!

I can tell you for sure our garden gets neglected in all but the summer months. My son is currently football mad and most of my plants have been trampled, we have two springer spaniels who tear across the lawn and destroy it whilst bringing all mud into the house and to add a cherry on the top my path leading out to where I hang the washing is engraved into what should be a luscious grass lawn. To top is off this year though, our lawn is completely scorched so our garden is more of a desert or seemingly an African grassland. It can seem very daunting and like a huge loss if your garden isn’t the one that’s always greener on the other side.

How can I inject some love back into my garden?

Here are five ways to get your garden love back on track and have a summer ready place to relax.

  1. if like us a natural lawn is too much to maintain and keep manicured then why night try artificial grass to have not only a summer ready but a year long ready garden. Imangine am autumn evening with the chimnea burning       whilst admiring your evergreen lawn
  2. if planting bulbs aren’t your thing months in advance then why not add instant colour and freshness with potted plants. Sunflowers, gladioli and lavender are popular choices to add a pop of colour and fragrance.
  3. an easy way to tidy things up is to focus on your borders, we recently did a de-weed session and filled the borders with bark chip. You don’t even need the bark chip though, just turn over the soil and it injects so much life
  4. railway sleepers or scaffold boards add a near edge to wherever you fancy and very simply too. You can even wash over with outdoor chalk paint to add some summer pastel colours
  5. if you have young children then like us you will know that toys migrate outside and multiply everywhere. We got a storage bench to hideaway the toys and have extra seating too. Win win!

give these tips a go, once you get the buzz to get in your garden and get it liking ship shape, I fins it really hard to get out of. You don’t have to do everything at once either, think of it as an on gojng project, little bits here and there soon make a difference. Little jobs that make a huge difference for me are weeding between the patio slabs and adding a bit more gravel to our herb garden area. It’s a five minute job but does a massive transform.

What are your top garden tips to keep things looking lush?





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