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Top 10 tips for UK beach days with kids

We are off to Cornwall this week and because we have been blessed with glorious weather I want to ensure we spend as much time as we can on the beach. So far I have been massively unprepared and brought a UV tent and a fishing net. Slightly eclectic I know, so I headed to the fountain of knowledge from some other bloggers to complie a list of The best UK beach tips.

  1. A sheet, with elasticated corners, is ideal to make a area on the beach to keep sand free. If you pop picnic box/other items in the corner, it’ll make an edge that keeps the sheet clean! KatyKicker
  2. Wetsuits for the kids so they don’t get too cold swimming in the sea ?
    Plutonium Sox
  3. Ooo a pillow..I know it sounds silly but sand is just not comfortable at all and a pillow is great if you are wanting to prop a book up too (man I sound lazy) My bump2baby
  4. Talc to rub on your feet when coming off to get the sand off when you are coming off the beach Cups of Charlotte 
  5. Plasters…..there’s always someone who cuts themself on a stone or shell! Just Average Jen
  6. Ziplock bags. Perfect to keep your phone in and the sand out Twinderelmo
  7. A rubbish bag! Nothing more annoying than litter on the beach!! Also a brush with soft bristles is a must for getting the sand from between your toddlers toes especially if they hate having their feet touched!! Mommy & Rory
  8. Food & water! A lot of water in this hot weather and lots of fruit & snacks. My son is always hungry and bringing our own food saves money and saves the hassle of venturing somewhere to find something to eat. Even better, bring a picnic or BBQ to enjoy on the beach! Our Seaside Baby 
  9. Hooded towels and picnic blankets! The towels are great as the kids can wrap up and dry off on the way back to the car and I love using picnic blankets on the beach, the sand doesnt go through them because of the water proof underside and theyre great for sitting on and staying clean! Sophella
  10. For me a beach chair is essential as I can’t bear to sit on the beach itself. I invested in the biggest comfiest beach chair there was going. It’s a bit heavy to lug around – but so worth it! Yorkshire Wonders

thanks to all the lovley bloggers who contributed 🙂

What are your go to beach tips?



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