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I’ts only just dawned on me, at the ripe old age of 32 that I now qualify for the over 30 skin product. I’m so bad at looking after my skin and I should really do some basic care, even moisturizing once a day rather than now and then. I was contacted by       Colladeen a few weeks ago to give their collagen supplements, Colladeen Visage a decent trial over several weeks to see if the boost of collagen could help rejuvenate my skin whilst also offering skin protection against sun damage. My skin was tired, dull, dry and limp pretty much always, even when exfoliated.

Why collagen?

Around 30 the natural collagen in your skin begins to break down and as a result our skin changes. Collagen helps to provide elasticity and firmness to skin and tendons on the body (uni degree being recalled here!) I noticed the lines and creases, some laughter, some tiredness, forming at the creases of my eyes. My skin is so, so dry on the cheeks, even when I do remember to moisturize it never seems to benefit and this is really off putting. Not only is skin effected though, collagen can also help with the regulation of fluid retention, swelling from injuries or even improve easy bruising due to weak blood vessels
Collagen capsules

What is Colladeen visage?

Colladeen visage is a natural supplement made by using extracts from anthocyanides, which give pigment to the skin of dark fruit, so things like red grapes, cherries ans blackberries. Its sourced from bilberries and grapes seeds, whilst also having lutein and green tea for helping the body with its own defence against sun damage and is recommended for anyone wanting to try and improve the firmness of skin, vascular health and muscular aches and pains (which I find more and an issue than my skin to be honest)

My colladeen routine

Now please don’t think I went into this thinking it would be a cure all, I pretty much thought the state of my skin was set for life and I couldn’t undo the damage that was done. Of course not all of it can be changed but any improvement would have been great. My routine to take my colladeen was to take two tablets for eight weeks, one am and one pm. After this you can take a maintenance dose of one a day.

My results

Overall I am pleasantly surprised by the results. The biggest change for me was that I wasn’t waking up with a constant ache in the back of my legs and ankles, something I have been suffering with for months and months, so much so that I was taking paracetamol as soon as I was waking up each morning. This has been such a welcome relief as I don’t think I realized how much this was a part of my routine and that frankly it wasn’t normal!
I have lost some weight and how I always know this sooner than anything is that my face looks older and I have more creases – obviously the fat keeps my face plumped. However, a sleep crease which formed and was there every morning isn’t there any more, it wasn’t very deep but it was noticeable as it was across my cheek so i’m so pleased about this. My other result was that my squint furrow between my eyes has lessened.  This has been there for as long as I remember because I always, always squint as habit. I didn’t think this would completely erase because its properly ingrained  but it has lessened.
Another change which I didn’t expect was that the skin on my forehead and cheeks was less dry, I have never known this and when I used moisturizes it seemed to be absorbed better – presumable because it was that but more hydrated to start with. This has meant that my skin doesn’t look dull and my face seems a lot brighter, a welcome change that I have had comments on.
The lines around my eyes and décolletage  I would say I cant really see that they have changed, they have stayed the same. I’m not too disappointed in this as im pleased with the above.


I had some welcome unexpected results that made worth trying for me, I would love to hear from you if you have tried Colladeen and its worked your crows feet or improved sun damage maybe the maintenance dose would help lessen these over time for me.
this is a collaborative post with Colladeen visage all words are my own.

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