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How I make quick personalised kids clothing

I love personalised items, especially for the boys – for one thing it means things don’t go missing at nursery! However they can become a bit expensive so I have had a go at making my own personalised kids clothing. We decided on a name this time but will also try initials and possibly other woods in future – Freddie really wants one to say Dude next time!

Personalised kids clothing

What did I use?

I had a hoody which was from Primark, it think £6 and it’s ones of Freddie’s favourites. You could just at well use a tshirt, jacket even the top of some jogging bottoms? I don’t think there is a limit to what you can do to be honest just check what material is adhering too as I think cotton would be best.

How we started off - plain hoody

The letters are from eBay, there is a huge range but we used these ones here

Not forgetting my trust iron too!

What to do next?

Make sure the item of clothing, blanket etc is nice and clean and ironed to help transfer. Have a play around with the placement of your letters if your having initials or the placement of the word. I lined the letters up with the hoody pocket so I had a bit of a guide.

I used my iron on the wool settings so it was a gentle, effective heat. I pressed for about 40 seconds and then checked the edge was sealed, if not I pressed a bit more, otherwise was good to go!

Letter placement

Ta da! Personalised kids clothing in seconds!

Freddie (and I!) are super pleased with the result and now I’m truing to think what else I can personalise in my life!

Just remember to wash inside out to protect the letters a little from other items of clothing.

Have fun!

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