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Dexters bedroom – monochrome, yellow & mint

The idea for Dexter’s room started long before he was born. I knew that whatever gender baby I had I wanted a colour pallet of mint green, yellow and grey with some monochrome.

When we did Freddie’s nursery it was very generic, beige and baby ready but always meant we would have to update when he got older. As it turned out we moved house and so came up with his London themed room anyway, but I didn’t want this with my second babies room. I wanted something with a little more longevity and also a little different.

light and airy room


I’m so pleased with how Dexter’s room has turned out and it really has been accommodating through his ages from newborn until now. When he was tiny you could see that he would focus on his monochrome toys and the black features of the room and then when a little older he would start to look for the bright yellows. I find the mint green very calming and on a whole his room is a relaxing airy space.

3d wall art and lego figures

The room is a mix of up cycled, second hand, hand made and new items, I love finding new pieces to fit in with the scheme and even Freddie finds some little nic nacs sometimes! One of my favorite items is the chest of drawers. They were originally brought off a selling site for £15 and I adored them but they needed stripping and re-waxing or painting. I decided to go bold and paint them yellow and now they are absolutely superb, they really make the room and are so eye catching. I’m really glad I painted them and was bold with my choice for once!

upcycled drawers

Once I removed the original handles and replaced with new knobs it really transformed them.

striking yellow drawers

I also painted some wooden crates I had lying around and an old wine bottle holder just to add some depth to the wall and as some extra storage items. I think the crates were originally form Home Bargains for about £2,99.

home bargains crates

The walls have some lightening bolt decals, a super hero garland as well as some quotes and a personalized piece from Wall circus. I had a felt hanging made by darling Clementine of a storm cloud and some lightening bolts. there are alos some small wooden rabbits which double as hanging space or just as wall decor.

His monochrome toys have been built up since before he was born and I love adding new ones to the collection each time. His favorite is this black and white skunk thing from Ikea that we brought way before was even pregnant but i knew would look cute in a nursery one day. Look how grubby it is, its certainly well loved!

When Dexter was small we were gifted some aden and anais muslins and a gorgeous monochrome dream blanket. they have washed so well, even after been used hundreds of times and have become so soft and fluffy. They have been a real godsend because of their large size and as multitude of uses.

monochrome muslins

The dream blanket goes most places with us as its so light that it can be used as a blanket for warmth, light blanket on cool days or general snuggle blanket. We even use it on picnics. They match the nursery so well too with the monochrome coordinating colour.




I adore these cloud sheets that are from Fabbrico, there are so many designs and coordinating items for your room can be made too, its addictive! He also has a hand made blanket which my sister made in his room colour scheme and it’s so heavy and comforting, it’s going to be a real keepsake, it’s beautiful.

The cot is one we were gifted a while back and its from Ikea, called Gonatt. I mainly love it because of the colour but also the fact it can turn into a cute little bed. There is  also great storage space with drawers underneath

Dexter also has the beginnings of a book nook like Freddie, it will be used more once we don’t have the nursing chair in there and at the moment its just a little area where Fred and his baby bro can sit before bath time or whilst i’m sorting the clothes out.


What are your children’s rooms like and what’s the theme?


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