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Exotic Zoo Telford

Sometimes you get that used to the things around you, that you miss the gems that are right on your door step – that’s what almost happened to us with the gem of a place Exotic Zoo Telford . We decided to go on a whim, after hearing about it a few times but not really venturing into it much more that. What an error that was, I can safely say it’s a lovely place to goand it isn’t too long to spend their either, short attention spans wont be a problem and you can go in the morning and still have plenty of time to go and have a nice lunch or a picnic somewhere.

First impressions of Exotic Zoo Telford

The zoo itself is about 20/30 mins away from us so not to far at all. Its based at a garden centre and initially I was worried about parking, as we could see all the spaced were taken – typical for a bank holiday but a lot of these were taken by people visiting the garden centre and we got a space very quickly. A small walk through the garden centre to get to the exotic zoo and then you get to the admission area. At only £2.50 per child and £3.50 per adult its excellent value for money and the zoo is open 11-4 7 days a week.

Hands on

I have never been to a place like this, it’s quite small and yet is filled with so much but only takes about an hour or so maximum to get round, which is perfect with little ones. All the animals are really visible with lots that can be held or stroked. We saw a member of staff at each section pretty much, offering information and learning opportunities on each particular animal there. We went at the right time as quite a few of the animals had just had babies so there were lots of cute new additions to see. The park is expanding and soon there will be a penguin area too, to go with the current zones of rainforest, desert, nocturnal and the petting farm.

So much to see

Immediately as you walk our there are the meerkats and its hard to drag yourself away from them as they have their babies playing and they are so comical to watch, but venture further and there are tortoises, owls, foxes, a reptile house, chameleons, mini monkeys, giant african lands snails, a pig, miniature horse, guinea pigs, parrots, armadillos.. you get the point! there are so many animals to see and I was really please to see that their enclosures where clean with fresh drinking water and food as well as not being over crowded. The staff are really knowledgeable and great with children, Freddie was asking lots of questions and all of them were met with enthusiastic answers.

There are lots of opputinites to get hands on with the animals, such as holding snakes, meerkats and tortoises but also grooming some of the ponies and feeding the pig. of you wanted a more insightful ‘ meet and greet’ as it where with an animal there, then you can oay extra for an animal experience. one of my family members is current looking at booking this to spend time with the lemurs as she loves them.

Here is a little roundup of our time there, Its definitely worth a visit, we paid for our admission there and our review is because we adore it so much.


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