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A day with Bambo and friends at Kelmarsh hall and Gardens

You may have seen that a few weeks ago we got to try some Bambo Nature nappies for Dexter and we really enjoyed using them supporting their eco-background. They have suited Dex really well and they have proven hit in our family. We were excited to find out that Bambo have released some skin care products such as oils, lotions and creams and we were asked to the launch of these vegan friendly and cruelty free products along with some other lovely bloggers.

We headed over to Kelmarsh Hall & Gardens and as soon as we arrived at the beautiful gardens we were able to get involved in some eco-crafts. We made some gorgeous bamboo dream catchers and it was cute to see all the children threading them or attempting to! Dex also enjoyed eating the bamboo and which she still enjoys now to relieve his teeth! Dexter’s is now in his room, pride of place.

It was such a glorious setting to meet the bloggers that I had previously spoken to online but never met and also to meet their lovely children.  Once everyone was introduced we got to hear a bit more about the skin products such as the fact that they are all certified organic contataing no nasties as well as the ethos behind Bambo, Skin-Friendly, Eco-Friendly and Sleep- Friendly. We got to use some of the products in a baby reflexology session by Tiny Toes Reflexology .  Although Dexter was slightly too wriggly to enjoy his reflexology session I have used it at home especially at bedtimes and it does settle him and he likes to offer a foot when he wants his feet rubbed! I like the fact that I can offer him a non-medicated way to ease his reflux or tummy pains for instance.

In the room there was also some photography from    Natalie Banner Imaging eye photography  She took some wonderful photos of Dexter and all the other children that were there and also some natural ones of the day. There was a little pop-up booth which she worked from and it was just so laid-back    & friendly and you can really see that in the photos how well they turned out.

We all had some tasty lunch and yummy cake. Then some of the children who were a little older than Dexter took part in some outdoor painting.

We were given a lovely goodie bag to come home with which contain some of the new skin care products. Dexter has very temperamental skin but the products have really suited him and we haven’t had any flare ups. My favourite by far is the bath oil which has a multitude of uses especially for cradle cap on Dexter and I have really dry skin on my arms which it smooths but only that though it’s super luxurious to have some bath oil isn’t it?!

If you’re wondering where you can get your hands on the new skin care range then look head over to Bambo Nature




We were invited to the Bambo day as well as receiving a goodie bag. All words are my own.

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