Days out

The difference a bit of sun makes!

Hasn’t it been so lovley the past couple of weeks that we have been able to have some proper sunshine and proper time outside for those long days of play. In the paddling pool, drying off in the sun, back in and repeat.

It makes such a difference getting some of that vitamin d and the sunshine rays and I definitely feel much better having spent my whole day outdoors. The boys are much more chilled too, they really only need the simplest of things to have fun outside don’t they. Freddie’s favourite pastime is lifting up bricks and rolling logs to look for any fun critters underneath. Dexter’s is eating grass or soil!

Photography gets easier as there is always a pop of colour, or blue sky to make everything brighter.

Even the woodlands are brighter with bluebells and forget me nots. I love this time of year for the flurry of seasonal colourful flowers. The rapeseed, the bluebells, wisteria and then the lilacs.

Freddie has even started to ask if we can stop the car and go into the “grape seed” poor kid, it s instilled into him now!


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