Meegos – series one review

As a child I loved collectible series – I think we all must have had some at one point. Fast forward a few decades down the line and my own children are now in the realms of collectibles. The ones Freddie tends to have are annoyingly small, plastic and most definitely lost and forgotten once they are put in his toy box.

we have been asked to review Meegos and Mini Meegos first series collectible toys – with a twist – they are plush! I love this idea and I know that he is more likely to keep them in sight as he will sleep with them as they are cuddly. Dexter also loves to “love” a cuddly toy and they will be the right size for him to hold.

I will admit I had never heard or them or seen them and I’m quite sad that I haven’t as they are something I would have definitely brought becusse I love the whole plush collectible idea but also because they are made in a very special way. The meegos are hand crocheted in Bangladesh and have provided sustainable employment for lots of ladies in that area allowing them to obtain an income and help send their own childeren to school. Each meego takes five hours to make and the mini meegos take 1.2hours. I think that’s so special to know and really gives them a whole other meaning.

Each of them has a name tags and family infamion included and you can also find out more on the website My Meegos where there are also activities for children on there to take part in, as well as all the rest of the gang that you can collect. One thing Freddie loved was that the Minis were boxed and so they still had the blind boxing element to them that kids love at the moment!

we were sent the meegos for an honest review but you can get them from Debenhams or Sainsburys.

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