Nuu moblie T2 tablet review

I thought for a long time that Freddie would not be bothered with having a tablet and that we would never be those parents whose children use one in a given situation.

Well actually we are. We so are.

Initially it started with him using the SmartTV remote to put YouTube on and watch his favourite channels. Then he wanted our phones which we didn’t agree to as I feel that’s when I can become constant – I always have my phone on me and I don’t want him to think it’s always accessible. He has been at nursery for eight months and I can see the shift in his increasing independence and also how he identifies what his peers have to what he doesn’t. I suppose I was naive to the fact this would happen so soon.

So. We surprised him. Nuu Mobile gifted him a wonderful 7” tablet with Android, that he can use at home using the WiFi or we can get a SIM to get some data for him and he (or us) can use it as a smartphone, so he can give his Nanny a video call! He was totally gobsmacked but not as shocked as we were to see how fast he got to grips with it and was settled down watching animals on YouTube!

Nuu mobile have released their new tablet, the T2 and at the moment  you can buy 1 and receive a free travel adapter, buy 2 and you get the second half price! It’s just the right size for Freddie and it’s simple, easy to use and set up. He understands that he has to be careful with it and treat it with respect because it’s his to look after and it if gets damaged then he will be sad. It comes with Android and it’s so straightforward to use. I’m really impressed with how much is packed into a small, portable size and that we can get about ten hours usage off a charge. It’s really versatile and it’s handy for all of us to have. We are going for away for bank holiday and again in a few weeks and this will be effortless to keep the sanity in the car when we are knee deep in traffic and on our 18262 recital of “ten green bottles”

I love the fact that on those days when 4pm is approching, the kids are going crazy, I’m trying to make tea like a banshee and the dogs are waiting for their biscuits, I can just settle Freddie with his tablet for a while before tea. He uses it for fun and function, for instance he has found all his phonics that he does at nursery on there and so I really don’t mind that he is 1) being quite and amusing himself 2) learning! We do still limit the usage – no tablets in bed or at the dinner table and he can’t use it all day long but I am a lot more relaxed about it. Realistically too, most kids have a tablet and now they are being used in school for learning I need to embrace it.

But I’m also embracing the sanity it gives me back, after all no one likes shouty, crazy tea time Mom!!

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