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Googly fruit – fruit snack review

I’m lucky that my boys like fruit, I always worry that the day will come that they will become bored of it or Freddie may fall out of favour with it once he is at school and he gets to see the variety of things in people’s lunch boxes. That being said I feel it’s super important to mix things up a little. We have been sent a range of different organic fruit and veg  snacks from Googly Fruit and the whole family have enjoyed a fruit snack, not just our boys!

What are they?

Googly fruit are snacks made of organic fruit and veg aimed at kids without all the sugar and salt etc which can be laden in some snacks aimed at kids. I’m a salt fiend and I knwo how hard it is to break the cycle of foods with salt added so I really want the boys to start off on the right foot. What I also love is that there is no dairy – I have found that some dairy free items for my boys can be full of nasties to make up for this. Which these don’t.

What did we think of the fruit snacks?

We were sent fruit and veg pouches, air puffed corn snacks and out most favourite – freeze dried fruit snacks. The corn puffs where in manageable snack sizes peices but also big enough to hold. They especially loved the starawberry and banana but didn turn down the carrot and tomatoe either! The ouches I found really handy for on the go or as a quick snack, Dexter’s soon found out he could hold them and slurp it up himself so that was me pretty much made redundant! They were super tasty and would go lovely with yoghurt as a breakfast dish or even some ice cream as a tasty treat if you wanted to branch out a bit.

What did we love?

Our absolute faves were the freeze dried snacks, they are so full of flavour and so delicious. They have such a nice texture to them that you easily find yourself munching away. I had no problem with the boys snacking on these and the little packets are so handy for on the go, no sticky fingers or juicy mess! I saved some of the dried raspberries in some pancakes and they held up really well and packed a punch of flavour.

The range are fabulous as stand alone snacks or if you fancy being a bit more adventurous they can be adapted into recipes or extra little dimensions to everyday dishes like we did.

You can get Googly fruit from Superdrug.




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