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I love online shopping and now I have got two kids I do it a lot more, it saves time, hassle and it’s so convinient having it delivered without a child having a tantrum at the check out while I’m trying to wrangle a large object. Like most people, I used to try and use my card to collect points for whatever supermarket I was shopping at and stock those up but I never got a decent amount back as I either for got or it was just such a low return. I even had a dabble at some cash back sites but unfortunately some of the fees themselves put me off carrying on as I was spending on my shopping anyway, why did I want to spend more!

I was contacted by The Lucky Checkout club to have a look at a new idea of amalgamating the rewards for shopping ideas. The idea is that you make your shopping purchases through their site and via your chosen retailer to be entered in to an end of month prize drawer to Win a cash prize at the end of the month. That’s it. Dead simple. Something you are doing anyway getting you a reward. It’s completely free to sign up, which I love – why be penalised with a sign up fee for money your spending anyway on shopping you could get anywhere!

There is also an amazing Shopping tool which you can use on a chosen retailers website and search for voucher codes for that site (as well as so many others) I absolutely love this idea, I don’t know about you but one of the first things I do when I order something online is to check the voucher offers because more often than not there is a good voucher offer to be used!

There are so many stores from clothing, electricals to even your big food shops, so stores like Boden, Littlewoods, Curry’s, Co-Op, Iceland and even Travelodge (I could go on) that a multitude of shopping needs are covered.

I had given up collecting anything prior to this, I either lost my card or got disheartened by the small rewards and so this is great for me. I just do what I need to do, get vouchers for where I need and then every month I have the chance of winning some cash back for what I was doing anyway. Without having to pay out to join up!

Now, what do I need to buy???





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