Boys amongst the Bluebells

Sometimes the calmness and earthy smells of a woodland are all you need to settle your head and start a fresh. Our local ancient woods, Tasley, has just had the bluebells start to show and show I took the boys to have a look.

Its so peaceful up there and apart from the hubbub if the boys all you can hear is bird song and feel the light breeze.

Times like this remind me of being little and taking long walks with my dad and our dog Benny. Freddie gets right stuck in there like I used to, he soon found some millipedes and was upturning logs to see what lived beneath.

I can’t wail till they are both doing it and talking to each other about what spoils they have found. We may venture back up as there were so many more Bluebells waiting to erupt and it will look beautiful carpeted with them.

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