The return of TechDeck review

Even though I am now 31, one of my most outstanding memories if of secondary school and everyone having a TechDeck mini skateboard! I was pretty useless with mine but one of the boys in my class was permanently attached to his and he was always doing mini stunts on the wooden school desks. As things generally do, Techdecks have now gone full circle and to celebrate their 20th anniversary (blimey) and have been rereleased! I have been sent some for Freddie to have a play with and its so, nostalgic to see!

They look so much better than I remember, being featured with designs from prolific skate brands to really give them the edge such as Plan B, Toy Machine and element.

My husband wasnt much of a skater boi back in the day but it was great to see him assembling some of the skateboards to Freddie’s design from the wheels to the grip tape that he wanted. This part was as fiddle as I remember as the parts are just so tiny! We keep all of out little bits for our boards in a Tupperware box for when Freddie fancies a change. It really makes them look so authentic and is another great feature to show off the detail.

We were also sent some ramps and a container set for the skateboards to get some action on, these are so multifunctional and Freddie soon got inventive with his own moves when using the training grips to add to the boards which make such a difference and I think are a great touch.

I love the fact that there is massive scope to build on the collection. this os Freddie first proper toy that he can start collecting and i think its great, i loved having a collection to build on and i know he will too. it’s an incentive to save pocket money for or as a gift for a celebration or great school work for example.


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