Getting the family car right

I have always, always driven small cars. Even as a community nurse I can stuff fit all my nursing equipment and do my rounds. I work in a very rural area and it’s easy to nip here and there in my little pap pap. I think I have been quite blasé though, thinking that I would always be ok with this. Now our family is bigger, I definitely feel the need to get the family car right.

This isn’t just for the extra space but more so the feel of being safer and more protected. I have been using my husband’s car a lot more and where I used to shy off from driving it as it’s much bigger, I have actually realised I feel so much safer and confident driving it which I never thought i would!

Time to change

Its nearing the time where I want to change my car,  I want more space, more safety and more reliably as my little car is old now! I have been looking some Jaguar SUV as I want to go ALOT bigger. Freddie starts school in September and so the paraphernalia of kit and equipment is only going to get bigger, reality Dexter isn’t far behind him so I’m going to need extra room to fit in all this stuff as well as my nursing equipment and maybe a full load of shopping!

Extra safety

So my current car is quite old and there for quite basic. The bar it set at air con and air bags. I want something more now, in a family car I love. Freddie loves that he can play music on my phone when we are out and about but once we get in the car we are left to the CD player and not really having as much choice as we like. The Jaguar F pace has amazing integrated technology such as InControl Touch Pro where your smart phone and all the apps can be connected straight from the drivers seat so this can easily help with all the musical requests. InControl Protect includes SOS Emergency Call, Jaguar Optimised Assistance and Remote Essentials App to keep you fully connected in the event of a problem or an emergency so if I’m stuck with the kids, broke down at work or I need help when I’m on my own there is always assistance available

A family car I love

I have always had my cars because I needed a car, it’s it’s functional then that’s what matters but the aesthetics were really just an added bonus if I liked them.

However, I feel ready to have a vehicle that is not only family functional but also one that I love driving and looking at. I love the sporty but also robust look of Jaguar 4×4 and it comes in such lovely colours. I’ve never really have a car that I have been proud of in a sense that I love it, but I know I would with this car.

What do you look for in your family car? What’s the most important thing for you?

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