Sambro Crocodile Diner review

At long last Freddie is now at the perfect age to be able to play a board game and be engaged as well as trying the best he can to keep playing by the rules (most of the time) and take turns. We have been sent Crocodile Diner from Sambro and its an active but easy game for the family to get involved and for the younger ones to enjoy.

The game comes with three crocodile snout masks and some little foam fishes. We have actually doubled up the use of this game and Freddie likes to wear one of the masks in the bath and hunt out the fish. Never a dull moment!

The masks are comfortably adjustable and as long as it’s positioned beneath your chin, the jaws will open up and be able to scoop up the fish – the aim of the game.

One of your players does a countdown and throws the fish up ready to be snaffled by the jaws. The  players then need to collect the fish up that match their mask in their snapping jaws whilst on hands and knees in a reptile fashion and then the winner is the one who also gets the golden fish!

It took a few times for Freddie not to sneak his hands in and feel his jaws his fish but he soon got into it. it’s not a rare sight to see him sat on the sofa, wearing his mask!



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