Saving money on a new matress to finish our room

We have recently transformed our bedroom with a mini makeover. What we did was really very minimal, jsut realy a lick  of paint, accessories and soft funishings but it has had a massive impact on making our room a haven that we actually love being in with decor that we love. The finishing touches for us to sort out are a new mattress and at some point give our wardrobes a bit of a makeover as even though I love them they are little dated.

Bedroom mini makeover

Wardrobes aren’t so essential other than to hold clothes, they dont really have any impact on us. The mattress is a different story. I have always had what you would call a weak back, but this really came into its own when I suffered with SPD when pregnant with Freddie and this culminated in a sipped disc in my lower back in 2016. Since then it’s always been vulnerable and sleeping is one thing that always exacerbates the pain in my back, as we have such an average matress. The trouble is, whislt im on maternity leave we dont have the largest budget to play around with to replace it.

We are going to take a look at Groupons new mattress deals and see what we can find to replace ours – It’s one of those issues where you don’t think about until you start to feel uncomfortable, even though they do actually have a replacement timeline of about 8 years! We have a king sized bed and that something I want to stick with as it gives us enough room for when the kids bed invade and also when I need to roll furthest away from my husband once he starts snoring. It also gives excellent starfishing room for when my husband is working a night shift for instance.

I need a firm matress too, something too soft will not provide the support I need for my lower back and I tend to wake up aching all over. Luckily  myself and my husband both agree on this too so there isnt a split of support bed. Some memory foam layer on top would be beneficial too provide a slight cushion but to not loose the support.

I do lots of bargain hunting and this helps us as a family, as well as bringing a sense of acheivement as well as not paying over the odds for quality.

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