Naipo back and neck massager review

Since having the boys and having difficult pregnancies with SPD and slipping a disc in my lower back – not to mention my very physical job as a rural community nurse, my back, neck and shoulder muscles are a constant source of aches and pains.

Sometimes I can manage this with painkillers, of baryibf degrees of stength depending on the severity of the pain that day, other times I use a heat rub. If it’s bad at night I use a heat pad too.

However I have found that physical touch on the painful areas is best, especially if it flares up when I’m sitting on the sofa or when I’m driving. This can’t alwYs be dont though if I’m at work or out and about.

I have been able to try the Naipo neck and full back seat cushion as part of a review to see if it helped me. The seat cushion is very users friendly as it not only comes with a mains plug to use whilst your at home but also a travel charger to use in your car.

Untill trying the seat cushion I had never used anything like this so I was dubious that it could help. However it has helped relieve such tension in my neck. I will say it took a while for me to get used to the Swedish massage type stimulation in the neck area and lower back – these are my most painful areas and so it wasn’t very tender when massaged. I was able to build up a tolerance though and after a few more uses I could feel it reducing some of the tension in my neck, now I even enjoy the more vigarous setting as I can feel the benefit much more. I nearly always use the heat setting too as I find it very warming.

Overall I found that I didn’t realise quite how stiff much back and shoulder had become, I suppose I was in bad habits, driving on a slight angle to compensate for the pain on one side and carrying a very heavy Dexter on one hip. I feel a lot sooner now if my posture is aggravating one of my sore areas and so I try and correct it before I have to use the massager. However the massager is very soothing to me so I try and use it at least once a week just too keep things at an even keel.

We were sent the Naipo massager in return for an honest review. You can purchase from amazon RRP £99.99

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