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Bambo Nature Eco friendly Nappies review

With both boys I have pretty much stuck with what works works and not ventured much futher. Especially with nappies I have stuck to this mantra as there is nothing worse than a soggy baby and soggy baby clothes. I know that this sounds awful but I have always, always been told that eco friendly nappies they don’t work as well and that they are false economy. I was approached by Bambo Nature to give their eco nappies a trial and give an honest report back on how I found using them, warts and all.

About Bambo Eco Nappies

Bambo Eco nappies have been made with the environment and your baby in mind. They are skin, sleep and Eco friendly as well as being super breathable for baby’s precious skin. They have been produced and accredited with the Nordic Swan Eco label and even the fluff inside is 95% recyclable and yet still super absorbent. They are even used by the NHS!

First thoughts

I was excited to give them a try, we were sent a huge mound of nappies and I wanted to prove myself right that they wouldn’t work! They have a cute pattern of a friendly tiger on the front and back and they aren’t bulky at all. They are as slim as our current go to nappy.

Dexter is a complete butterball and so at 10 months old he is in the biggest size and so we were sent the size 6 to try.

They have ample stretch in them so I was pretty certain they would be a good fit on him and be comfortable as well as being absorbent.

Inside they are soft and smooth. Overall I was impressed but still smug they were going to leak or fall apart.

How did we get on

Honestly we loved them. I have to get this straight out there as I cant even express any negatives about them.

Dexter isn’t crawling yet and so sort of slides and pulls himself around or bumshuffles. He also does a lot of rolling and the nappies have been totally leakproof with all of this during the day, stretching and protecting with all his movements.

You can see he has lots of rolls! We had size six for Dexter to make sure they fit well and they do beautifully.

At night Dexter goes a good 12 hours without a nappy change due to his sleep and I can say hand on heart we haven’t had any leaks their either. He has quite sensitive skin and his baby soft skin hasn’t been irritated by them at all.

Overall I am totally won over and shocked that an Eco Nappy can be this successful. I will drefibtelt be continuing using them from now on as they have been so dependable for us.


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