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Get Nourished Coffee review

Even before I had children, my morning routine always contained one staple – coffee. Now I have the two boys my mornings are a little more rushed and contain a lot more coffee. It’s a little grasp at a chunk of me time where I can replenish some enegery and take a little breather before the craziness of the day starts – even if it means that most days my coffee is cold! Get Nourished contacted me to see if they could help.

Get Nourished

When Get Nourished contacted me I was excitied to try their new product – high protein (as much as in a steak!) iced coffees! Lets face it, buy the time I drink my coffee its ice cold, I just need the extra protein part! I love the fact that its ready to go, on a nursery morning when I don’t have time for my breakfast I can just crack open a ready made coffee and know that I’m ready to go as the protein will keep me feeling full.

Perfect on the go

Put to the test

I took a 7 day challenge with Get Nourished to see how it compares to my normal cup of java. First off I love that I can just pack it in the changing bag if I’m really late and sup it on the way to nursery. What I also enjoyed doing was pouring it over a glass of ice so that my morning coffee was more exciting than its ever been. Before I had the kids I watched what I ate and soon found out that lower calories and higher protein helped keep me full and inline with my weight loss. whilst I’m not losing weight now its still a principle I like to stick to as I hate feeling hungry! I found I could carry on my morning routine and if there was a day I didn’t have time for breakfast then I was able to have a Get Nourished coffee and not feel light headed but if I did have it with breakfast, I didn’t feel overfull, just ready to take on the day.

What about the taste?

I have had protein powders and shakes before and it all has a powdery or chalky feel in the mouth. I was expecting this with the shakes if I’m honest but I was surprised when you don’t get that with them. It just tates like coffee. I think it helps that it comes in some tasty flavours – hazelnut and cocao mocha,  vanilla bean latte and coconut and cocao mocha. My favourite was the hazelnut as it had a nice roasted flavour to it.  They contain a small amount of raw cane sugar which initially I was put off by as I have all my hot drinks without sugar, but the taste wasn’t overpowering and I think it benefited from having it in as you don’t get that artificial sweetener tang to it.

Not just the benefit of protein

High protein is not only the little added extra that these arabica coffees have. They are lactose and gluten free and suitable for low calorie diets. The coffees are priced £2.99 and you can buy them online

I’ll definitley be topping up my coffee stash with these in the future as I think they will be fab when I have to combined a school run, a baby and getting to work on time!





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