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Parents bedroom mini makeover – a space for us

After two and a half years in our house, we decided that our bedroom definitely needed some love! Until  our makeover it had a large dark purple feature wall and nothing really matching. Our stamp wasn’t on it and it never seemed like ‘ours’. We decided to change the feature wall colour, add some focal points and just generally have more soft furnishings to make it our own little haven and somewhere we can relax, as well as enjoying the space we created. We also were lucky enough to be gifted some wonderful items for review to help make our room be a place we adore.

Bedroom mini makeover

Bedroom feature wall

The first job for us had to be getting rid of the purple, especially the deep purple feature wall. I actually like purple but for our room it was too deep and full on. I wanted something more atmospheric but not overwhelming. We opted for a grey feature wall as it’s easy to dress up and make snug in winter or cool off in warmer warmer weather. My main focus points decor wise on our room was grey, copper and pops of colour and I’m thrilled with how this has worked out.

To compliment the grey we have brought an Ikea photo ledge as I absolutely love them. We added a selection of monochrome to this with frames and black and white prints, apart from two framed prints with colour on the ends we reviewed from my-picture . The photo ledge is my favourite piece and it makes me smiles everytime I see it.

Bedroom Photo ledge


We changed the tired purple curtains to some checked grey curtains, they keep the room bright whilst having the colour elements. They are lined but I think we are going to add a thicker lining for early summer morning sun. We purchased the curtains from Wilkos for £29.99

Curtain pole and finnial

Our curtain pole and finial is gifted from Swish . It’s so sturdy and looks really classic in the room. I choose the crystal finial to bring a bit of extra light into the room. The pole can be cut to length and so you can have it to suit your window – really handy and much more sturdy than an adjustable pole.

The curtains hang beautifully and it really enhancing the way they look because the curtain pole is so classic. To be honest I have never really thought they make a difference and have just purchased any old one in the past but this has really changed my mind and now every curtain pole in the house needs upgrading! You can also see how I keep my taptops looking so best by checking out my curtain hack here

Feather duvet

Every room needs a feather and down duvet. Our super king duvet from Sleep and Beyond is so light and fluffy and yet feels heavy enough when you are lay under it to make it so cozy. I love the smell of feather cushions and this is three fold with a duvet – it makes my mouth water! I never feel too hot or too cold, its just so tranquil and welcoming, I also always buy my duvet one size bigger than the bed, so we had superking for our king size bed. My mom always does this and it makes for a fabulous little bed nest.

Tempting textiles

A bedroom isn’t a bedroom without a multitude of cushions, throws and blankets to give a feel of hygge and luxury, I just cannot get enough. Whether it’s snuggling up on a lazy Sunday to hear the rain hit the windows outside or even to wrap up the boys after their bath, they will always be an important part of our bedroom.

Asleep in JDWilliams throw

These plump pillow shams and this large, classic, comforting throw from JD Williams really gives a different edge to any bed. It’s so soft and warm, making getting up out of bed for the nursery run so hard! It washes beautifully and retains all its soft velvet feel.

Herringbone blanket

Also from JD Williams is this lightweight but warming herringbone blanket. Perfect for snuggling up and getting lost in a book, or if you’re like Dexter a prelude to a nap! The throw has the softness of a much loved family heirloom but the new comfort of your new favourite pair of jeans. I simply love it.

Fabulous finishing

As well as soft furnishing, it’s important to get the final touches completed. We tidied up our skirting boards and it made such a difference, it looked so much smarter and complete. Skirting World can provide solutions for skirting and architrave to give that finishing touch.

Finishing Touches

To round up the room I have tried to accent the colours and themes in my head that inspired me to change the room.

Finishing touches

It really brightens up the room and makes it feel clean and crisp. My cacti, succulent and orchid give a nice flash of greenery which I really enjoy having, since I haven’t had a plant in my bedroom before!

The changes we have made have been minimal really but they have had a significant impact on how much we enjoy our room now and have it as our own little haven. It’s still very much a part of the boys life, from morning milk and biscuits to evening baths and baby bottles, but it also is our little nook.

Unless specified, items in this post were gifted for an honest review and feature in this bedroom makeover post.

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  • Jenny

    I love those photo ledges from Ikea. I’ve wanted one for ages but our house is so cluttered I don’t think we have space! Love your room makeover.

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