Ten things we can’t help but say as a Mum

Today is Mother’s Day, so enjoy your hot cup of tea, eat chocolates and wallow in the bath. Steering away from the mushy stuff, there’s one thing that identifies me as a Mum. I always say the same exasperated phrases when I’m at my wits end. Currently my Mum phrase is “HOW MANY MORE TIMES” which of course is uncountable, like the act being carried out itself.

Me, Freddie & Dexter
Me and my boys on a less shouty Mum day

What’s your mum phrase?

I asked some other bloggers what they spout out when pushed to the edge of reason and sh*ts about to get very real but that also makes them die inside when they say it..

Kate – Ever after with kids  “You’ll fall and break your neck” – my mom still says this to me and she is yet to be right haha.

Sarah – Surrey Mama ‘Let’s tidy up this mess before we get anymore toys out.’ – I always say this too, unfortunately the mess still seems to cascade.

Kate – The Mum conundrum   ‘The casual threats: If you don’t do (insert thing child is not doing) when you’re asked, I’m going to take away your toy / screen-time / playdate / thing you most covet.” I hear myself and I think, wow, I’m a b*tch’ – causal threats over here too! Works like a charm 😉

Rosemary – Busy Mum lifestyle  You’re not hungry – you’re just bored.
I had to add this one in as funnily enough I say it to myself everytime I go to the fridge!

Emma – Emma Reed You’ll get square eyes if you watch TV that close! – oh Emma I remember that being said to me and here I am keeping specsavers afloat.

Harriet – Toby and Roo  “Are you bleeding? Is it life threatening? Then I don’t want to know.” ~ me regarding sibling squabbles!!!! – I can see the nurse in me saying this to the my boys  in a few years too!

Bridget – Bridie By the sea  ‘Let’s see if we can get you dressed in under 20 seconds!’ (Also insert with any activity that needs to be done quickly ?) – I can feel those frantic 20 seconds now!

David – Dad V world  THREE! TWO! The counting technique where no one has ever found out what happens when you hit zero! – I hope you have a plan for when it does!

Linda – Mother distracted “that’s not how we behave, is it?” – when unfortunately it usually is – I had to laugh (but cry inside at the accuracy of this!)

Nyomi – Nomipalony ‘Is that a kind thing to do’ – I say this all the time and how Freddie has started premepting my question.

Thanks for all the bloggers who gave me some corkers, at least I can change my mumisms round for a while and not be a boring shouty mum, just shouty!

Happy Mother’s Day!


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  • Linda

    Thanks for including us! I’ve made a note of all the other phrases and I’ve missed a few off my list! Not that the kids will take the slightest notice ….

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