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Five early pregnancy symptoms that I experienced

Pregnancy is long for me, as with both my pregnancies I knew pretty much immediately that I was pregnant. That’s one long wait whilst cooking a baby!

My early pregnancy ultrasound

Apart from the obvious little blue line or “1-2 weeks”  with both boys I had some other tell tale signs hat I was expecting before a test would show positive. I always wondered just how people “knew” when they fell pregnant because they had “a feeling in their water” as my mom would say. Here is what I experienced

Sore boobs

Not just sore boobs, it was bloody excruciating. It felt so obvious and like they were literally going to snap off!

Going off certain food and drink

For me a massive indicator was that I couldn’t stand coffee, it made me so sick with Freddie and so I knew when I couldn’t have my morning java  that I was pregnant again

Weird pregnancy headaches

Now I suffer from migraines anyway but these early pregnancy headaches were very distinctive. It was an overwhelming vice grip tightening pain in the name of my neck. Again I had this with both pregnancies but a lot more frequently with freddie


I noticed that I was able to tolerate a lot less at work (both times) early on as the usual hour so was used to were draining me and I was pretty much going to be as soon as I got home without my tea! Insatiable need for tiredness was my fourth clue.

Bleeding gums

i didn’t suffer from this till about 6 weeks with Freddie when my hyperemesis kicked in but with Dexter it was probably one of my biggest indicators, my gums would just pour with blood jo matter how gently I brushed them. Gross.

Now I know not every pregnancy will be the same but my early symptoms where my big give away. I would have the early signs to give me an inclination, then a positive test at around 11dpo and then finally hyperemesis at 6 weeks to really cement the fact!

Did you have early pregnancy signs before your took a test? Let me know below





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