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Getting out of the safe gift zone with UncommonGoods

I’m a gift bore. I just have zero inspiration on finding the ideal gift and end up sticking with a safe item, you know – a nice deodorant set. How boring.

Thankfully when UncommonGoods got in touch with me and asked to see if I can find any fun gift ideas I was really happy to oblige because it’s exactly what I need right now.

UncommonGoods have a really positive ethos I haven’t really come across in a business before. They like to be green and not just the fact of helping the planet, animals and things like that but with looking after their employees like offering health insurance to any part time or full-time staff they work with. They strive to use products that the Earth produces itsself and even use recycled goods on the website as well as successfully not selling fur or leather. All products are sold from online and catalogues are minimally sent out and at checkout there’s even the option for you to have a dollar donated to charity of your choice straight from company.

There is also a cute little present finder, kind or like a virtual personal shopper online if you will – he is called Sunny.

Sunny helps find the ideal gift for your recipient by looking at what they like, so whether they love animals and gardening or have a penchant for cooking and reading, he combines these ideas to give you some suggestions of items they may like. You can also tailor this further to customise what else you would like to see. Why don’t you give him a go!

Last week it was my husband’s birthday and until now I was still looking for the perfect gift for him as he is notoriously hard to buy for and I always like to get something a little different but I know he would love.

(Pictured is the Scotch-Infused Toothpicks Gift Set)

He loves Scotch and drinks like a fish however this is a bit of a compromise gift he get his Scotch but you can’t drink it all in on go – perfect! See more ideas for men and get some inspiration for the fella in your life.

My mum and dads anniversary is coming up next week and they have been married over 50 years (how amazing) so to get a gift that’s unique but so meaningful can be quite tricky because they have pretty much got everything.

How gorgeous are these Have & Hold Stemless Wine Glasses? They are perfect for an anniversary or wedding gift but you could also find more wine glasses to jazz up even the most refined collection!

Lastly we have been doing up the house and I want to find an iconic something for our bedroom as after present buying, I definitely deserve a little gift too…I’m sure (I’m glad you agree) so I definitely want this!

Oh this Good At Naps Throw is so me and so acurate! See some more home decor and maybe you will find your iconic and meant to be home item like I have!

You don’t have to stick to the norm and stay in your safe gift zone, break free and make someone’s day!

This is a collaborative post with UncommonGoods.

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