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Dreaming of the sun

It’s a given that January it’s going to be bleak, cold and miserable – which is fine, I can cope with that as I know its not going to vary much more than this. I can keep dreaming of the sun. This month has been different, we have had snow, rain, sleet, hail and then the past few days has been glorious – slightest hints of warmth through the first rays of sunshine and a sapphire blue sky. Just wonderful (even if the “Beast from the East” is a-comin)

It’s days like this that make me want to hop on a jet plan and venture into warmer climates. I long to be back on honeymoon or even a bit closer to home and back to Majorca.

I have been having a browse and found some wonderful Holidays to Alcudia that have been catching my eye. I went years ago with my parents and I’d love to go back now with my own family. It’s family friendly but also suitable for couples too, a perfect mix.

If like us, it will be your first holiday abroad with little ones, have a look at these five tips for travelling with family

  • As a mother and nurse my most important take along is the first aid kid. Upset tummy tablets, rehydration sachets, aftersun, anti histamines, plasters, child & adult paracetamol & ibuprofen and tweezers are all a must.
  • A good read is a must on holiday isn’t it? Well it’s also a must for the kids tablet on the plane. No one wants to go stir crazy before you have even stepped on foreign turf!
  • Think ahead – if like us you have children with allergies then check some of the local supplies and the name of the allergen you want to avoid in the local language. This may seem a small detail but could make all the difference. If you use prescription formula like is, then order in advance too.
  • Take a buggy even if your child is walking. You tend to walk more and of course in a lot higher temperatures on holiday and this can lead to tired little legs!
  • Lastly, when you arrive at your accommodation, try and find a simple but easy to spot meeting point incase anyone gets lost. Let’s face it, it can happen but just knowing that “meet at the water fountain” is on everyone’s agenda might reduce some of the stress.

Have you got any tips for family travel? Let me know below.

Happy holidays!

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