Grain free dog food review

Our family isn’t just mum dad and two boys, we also have five (I know) furry babies that are part of our clan. Two springer spaniels, Ludo & Bell and three moggies Rosie, Bill & Baby.

Ludo and Bella are typical spaniels, whatever remotely smells like a snack they will scoff. However, this tells on them, especially with Ludo as if he has too much cereal based foods his nose becomes dry, flaky and sore and her generally seems down in the dumps.

We have tried only a few different foods for them as we don’t like to chop and change and keep them settled but I was intrigued to try Catch dog food as it’s all fish based. My dogs love fish and I know exactly how important those fish oils are for them as well as the protein source.

We were sent some Grain free Dog food and “Cookies” to try. From The kibbles are small, round and just plain dark, no pretend vegetables in it! You can instantly smell the fish and the dogs were interested straight away (as were the cats) the food is high in protein and contains no cereal, perfect for the healthy dogs body and coat.

They bloomin’ loved it! So much so that we also use the kibbles as a dog treat too when we are walking or for “give paw” “roll over” and it works like a charm! The food is produced in the UK using sustainable sources and is also gentle on the tummy to prevent upsets as well as being hypoallergenic (hence why Ludo suited it so well)

We also gave the Salmon cookies a go, they are low in fat but high in protein for a tasty treat. We have had to portion some up for Bill our cat as he also adores these!

Just look at that tongue!

Dried dog food is a funny thing- even though we don’t eat it you can somehow tell when it’s good stuff. Not just the food itself in the ingredients, smell and form for example but how the dogs are in themselves, the feel of their fur, skin and just overall happiness. We know it’s must be good for Ludo as his nose is amazing.

This post is in collaboration with PetShop and Ludo and Bella were sent the above items for an honest doggy review.

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