Family framed print review

It’s no secret that I love photography and trying to capture the moment, I always have and I always will. My mini resolution this year was to get more prints up on the wall, so that my most favourite pictures aren’t just on my phone or social media, which I am so guilty of.

I was thrilled when I got the chance to work with and choose some items off their site to work in our home. I just had to go for some framed prints, we have a theme of the photos on our home that will either be a black or white frame, luckily they had this option so we decided on two black frames 30x20cm.


There is an option to make you image B&W but we decided to keep in colour as all of the other photographs we have are monochrome, so this way they would stand out as a bit of a feature.

The frame and image

I am so impressed with the frame, it’s perfectly chunky yet easy to hang (or have propped on a shelf if needed) it’s joined perfectly and the photo is mounted beautifully. The images I selected were pictures I had taken myself but had edited afterwards on phone apps. One was of Freddie in some flowers with my IPhone 7 and one of Dexter in his angel photo shoot taken by my DSLR. The website does give you an indication of preferential size for optimum quality however I just selected what size I wanted and went for it – I’m pleased to say that the quality is excellent and you really can’t differentiate between phone and DSLR!


What I was shocked at was how quickly the products came, I have always heard before that preframed prints can take up to 21 days to arrive but these came in five days! So quick. They were packaged superbly and safely so it’s really well protected in transit.

There are so many different types of wall decor they offer too,m such as aluminium, Canvas prints, wood and acrylic.

This is a collaboration with, I was offered a voucher to choose a product and produce an honest review.

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