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BabyBjörn We Air mesh baby carrier review

When I just had Freddie I used a baby carrier just because I could really. I can’t say I found it easier than a pushchair as it took me ages to fiddle with the straps and “plug myself in” as it were rather than just bung him in the pushchair and trot on with the dogs.

Exploring with the baby carrier

Now I have a second bubba the juggling act has begun. I could do with a third, sometimes fourth hand. Whilst I love our pushchair sometimes it is necessary to have both my hands free and be able to be more hands on with Freddie whilst I have Dexter, such as the nursery drop off, feeding chickens and doing a big food shop. There has been times too where I have swapped cars with my husband and actually forgot the pushchair, which is a small hell! Dexter has also been a lot more clingy lately due to his teeth and he does like to be super koala bear close to me, this is great but also a challenge, he is a butterball Turkey of a baby and to just “nip” here and there holding this little chunk is beyond a workout itself!

Hands free with the baby carrier

Baby carrier

We have been sent the BabyBjörn We Air to try out, I can confirm I did breakout into a small sweat at the prospect of wrangling a small person, large baby and the bells and whistles of a baby carrier but actually it’s been really simple as the buckles and design are so straight forward. Either slot and click or slot and hook, that’s it!

Easy to use clasps and buckles

Nice and cool

What I love the most is the child safe class 1 (no nasties) mesh material which allows it to be breathable (and dry rapidly after its been washed), I am always hot and so carrying a baby and a carrier would definitely make me sweat but this really is comfortable to wear and allows air flow through, making it comfy for both of us. This mesh is also super flexible and it made it perfect for Dexter to have a nosey if everything that was going on around him!

Cool, breathable mesh

Easy to remember

There is also a handy reminder diagram area on the waist band to help jog your memory if you get a bit forgetful, after a few uses you put the carrier on by feel of use anyway but at first I liked having this easy how to guide to make sure I was doing it correctly.

Balanced on the back

This is the most important factor for me as due to a slipped disc a while ago, my back is so fragile. The wide waist strap allows for even weight distribution and the small adjustable shoulder strap helps me feel when it’s not in the right position. When I first started wearing it my back ached after a short while of carrying Dex but I soon found out it’s because I hadn’t adjust the strap to sit on my shoulders. It’s amazing how much this affects the whole experience of using the carrier. The straps aren’t ones that dog in, they air supported and comfortablely on your shoulders too. It might just be me on this one, but when I feel comfortable and that the weight is evenly distributed Ivan feel my posture improve and I carry myself differently, which is always a bonus! The We Air is also acknowledged as “hip-healthy” by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute. This means that your baby sits in a wide-leg position in the baby carrier with correct support for the hips

Hold that head high

The baby carrier can be used in two positions and from newborn to three years old weight dependant. There is a brilliant head support which also has flexibility so it’s perfect for even the nosiest baby!

We have loved using the BabyBjörn We Air, It so straight forward to use and I love that it’s definitely geared towards parents – the little things make the big things such as he easy clasps, quick drying mesh and step by step diagram on the actual carrier. It’s just marvellous.

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