The BIG night in. Well, kind of..

Today’s the day. Roses, love, cards, P.D.As at the soft play (yes really..ICK!) It’s al a bit OTT isn’t it but there is some part of me that feels I really should love Valentine’s Day.

Me and my hubs have never really done he whole Vals day thing, maybe a card here or there or an excuse to tank a midweek bottle of fizz but really it’s not a big thing for us.

However, now we have two kids and family routine sets in, I wanted to take advantage of the evening of lurve and have a big night in, tasty food, bubbles, great TV and just time to switch off. We’d never go for a meal on the night because let’s face it, the prices are hiked and I couldn’t be doing with love sick puppy dog eyes surrounding us. I’m sure other people must feel like this and most probably can’t get a baby sitter either! So we are having a night just for us, at home. May not be that big but it’s for us and remembering that we are Emma and Rich as well as being Momma and Daddy (occasional expletives are also used)

First off I’ll be having a glug of this..

I love me some fizz and this Cremant du Jura from Aldi is a refreshingly crisp sparkling Chardonnay. I’ll be tanking this as fast as I can so that sharing is minimal. Fair is fair.

Now I presume most people will be having a steak tonight, because I do agree that steak, more so rib eye is the food of love but I’ll be throwing caution to the wind and having a pie! Not just any pie though, one that I’m super excited to try and I know hubby will love.

We will be trying a Posher Pukka in chicken, leek and panchetta. Served with a gorgeous buttery sweet potato mash and some garlic fried green beans it will definitely be a hit!

I suppose I ought to share something with the other half, y’know for romance and all that and I have just the perfect thing

This divine, crumbly and moreish (oh so moreish) fudge from Buttermilk is a perfect alternative to chocolates and for me, the best alternative to flowers! Let’s face it..I’ll eat this too.. *FAO hubby.. this would be perfect for mother day too, nudge nudge wink wink and all that..*

Now if the kids stay sound asleep we might be able to argue over watch our fave film (it will be Slumdog..)

If you have little ones what will you be doing this Valentine’s Day? A big night in like us or going out? Let us know!

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