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Weight watchers and child friendly Fish finger pie – 15sp

Sometimes it’s a nightmare cooking weight watcher friendly and kid friendly food for my boys – 3 and almost 9 months.

I need quick, nutritious and tasty food to keep hungry mouths happy! I had seen versions of a fish finger pie with baked beans but we aren’t that fond of them, so I have switched for peas. You could also top with cheese or add a cheese sauce if you amend the points.


9 fish fingers fitted perfectly into my foil tray so this could be changed to what you need. You could also make it with Smash or frozen Mashed potato.

  • Boil potatoes and make mash. I don’t use butter or milk as my son is allergic to dairy.
  • Leave to cool slightly
  • Whilst cooling layer the fish fingers and peas to your dish or tray and pop in the oven to start cooking
  • After about ten mins take out and pop on the mash topping and rough it up with a fork to make crispy.


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