Changing the family car

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I have always driven small cars, I have always felt secure in them and I love that I can literally just nip in and out of spaces. It’s super handy for work too as I work in a really rural area and there aren’t always convenient places to park a large car.

However, recently I have been using my husbands much larger car for work and to be honest now I have got used to it is SO much better – something I never thought it would say! Just the ease of fitting all baby things in, nursery things, a food shop and even a trip to get storage units are so easy. My boot on my car is so small I can just fit a pushchair.

This has made me think that once Dexter get bigger it’s really going to be easier for me to have a bigger car. It will be so handy to fit in all my community nurse equipment in the boot alongside a pushchair without some sorcery trying to fit everything in. It’s also so much better to have extra room should I need it, for example a car full of kids, car seats and the works that will still have room for me to pick my mom up and take her to get some shopping is a much more pleasurable and easy experience.

It can be massively overwhelming taking on the search for a new car but have a really easy base to see what you like and make it simple. You can do a general search by make, but what I LOVE is the visual search by vehicle body type. This is perfect for me to have in my head what I’m actually after and what I could imagine driving.

It’s exciting looking for a new car but it doesn’t have to be stressful.

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