Flower power?!

My dad an sisters are a whizz when it comes to the names of garden flora. With just a description they can reel off the names as if it were an episode of gardeners world.

I’m not too shabby at having a guess.

But I definitely could swat up, I actually remember learning a few for GCSE science. Wow. That was a time ago!

We have quite a few different types of flowers in our garden and have lots of different colours as Freddie loves to look at them and pick our the colours. I love having different species of flowers that bloom at different times too so that we have a garden that always has some flowers in view throughout the year.

Spring is just around the corner

Well I know. I’m super optimistic especially how cold it’s been these last few days. However before you know it those little white thingymajigs will be poking out the ground (ahh..Snowdrops!) and daffodils and tulips will be on their way!

I love to have daffodils, tulips and gladioli at home as they are perfect for brightening up the garden and making it cheery but also they are perfect cut flowers and look amazing in a vase, especially the gladioli they always stand so proud and make a nice off the cuff gift to really make someone’s day!

Why no give yourself a test with this flower quiz over at Rattan Direct. It’s Bloomin quick (ahem) and before you know it you’ll be up there with the best of them and talking with the flowers.

This is a collaborative post with Rattan Direct

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