Ditching the dummy

I had always said (pre kids of course) “my kids won’t be one of them at three years old with a dummy in their mouths” well actually up until recently, he was.

He didn’t have it for nursery or outside of the house but Freddie still had his beloved dummy as recently as five days ago.

Whatever you call them, dummies, diddies, dodos, nummies even binkies there is a definite love hate relationship with them. I didn’t mind Freddie having his when he was younger, not at all, if they want one and it soothes them and you get some sleep then why not! However as he got older he got more dependant and then it becomes an issue.

I know I should have given it to the dummy fairies, santa or even snaffled it one night when he was asleep but I suppose I missed my window of opportunity and the moment of ease passed. Then the excuses started.

  1. He’s just had a baby brother.
  2. He’s starting nursery
  3. He’s poorly
  4. He’s had a new bed
  5. He loves it so much
  6. He’s cut his naps

He did love it. He adored it and this also led to him being so dependant on it. As soon as he finished nursery he wanted it and then at any given chance he would “need it”

We did try reducing the amount he had it to just nap time and bedtime but somehow they worm back in!

My main worry was his teeth or speech being affected and this was my main driving force. I just resided to the fact that he would get rid when he was ready, especially as he loved it so much.


This took a massive positive change when he bit a hole in it. Once I said the hole I said to him that it would be full of germs and would make his mouth sore. His tongue actually did have a little ulcer starting from where the whole had formed and rubbed his tongue. I showed him that I couldn’t even wash it clean because of the hole.

Then he just said “let’s put it in the bin then, I’ll cut him up” (it’s always been a him!)

And that’s exactly what he did.

He had a little wobble on the first night and sucked his thumb..but since then no tears, no asking and no thumb sucking!

I will admit I feel really sad about it, I think sort of the reason he had it so long was me secretly wanting to keep him at the baby stage for longer and not pushing through with getting rid of it. It’s so strange to see him asleep without it, I’m super proud of how well he has done. But he is definitely not a baby anymore.

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