Heart of the Home

Our old house only had a small kitchen with a little area for a small table. Now there is cost and there is cramped. We couldn’t fit lots of people here for a meal and so the “buzz” of activity I love about the kitchen was lost.

In our current home we have a kitchen diner and I just love it. We have a large dining table and bigger kitchen, giving us plenty of room to entertain and spend time as a family.

Here are some wonderful tips from Harvey Jones shaker kitchen retailer on how to get the most out of the heart fo your Home.

  • Keep the kiddies safe. Hot zones on induction hobs, layouts away from cooking areas, seating out of the way of kitchen traffic and maybe even having the fridge away from food prep areas so they can sort drinks etc for themselves can make it a safer space.
  • The great outdoors. Fresh air and light make everyone feel better. If you can, seamlessly joining kitchen to garden, with bifold doors for example can bring a wealth of benefits. Decking spotlights and garden illumination can also make it more cohesive of a nighttime too.
  • Keeping Tidy. A utility room can make such a difference. Somewhere for the large white goods, a mud zone for dirty boots with a sink if there room, extra storage to hide all the kitchen clutter can make it a much more enjoyable space. If there isn’t room for a utility then a large cupboard can do just as good at hiding away any bits and bobs.

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