18 goals for 2018

Following my tag form the lovely Amy at The smallest of things here are my 18 goals that I have been challenged to do think of for 2018..!

1) write in my diary! I have brought one..that’s the easy part. It’s actually using it that I struggle with!

2) redecorate our room. It’s partly done but I can’t decide on wall paper or paint. It was a deep purple and at the moment it’s a blank canvas.

3) get fitter. Nothing drastic, just more walking and less usage of the car

4) which brings me to a new car. I want a bigger car this year which will help with work and all the crap we carry around as a family

5) cut down money waste. We always have a full freezer yet we always do extra supermarket shops. Such a waste of money.

6) in terms of money I want to try the envelope challenge, keep one for each Bill/expenditure and stuck to it by putting cash in each one. This will be tough as I always carry my car and not cash!

7) lose weight. Got a bridesmaid dress to fit my ass into!

8) progress more with my blog, I have been more successful over the last few months and I want to continue this theme along with more longevity

9) weekly declutter. We carry so much extra junk that I have decide to do a weekly cycle of getting rid of anything that hasn’t been used in the past few weeks.

10) sort out the loft. Lord help me.

11) wallpaper downstairs, it’s an easy patter so I SHOULD be able to do it myself. It looks so easy..

12) drink less wine. Cripes.

13) make a more adventurous meal each week.

14) regular hair cuts. I tend to stick at biannually!

15) sort the garden, it’s gone a bit wild and I want some more structure to it

16) get both boys in the swimming pool more

17) wear more makeup. Haha. Can’t even brush my hair most days!

18) which brings me to..more me time. Even if it’s just ten minutes to chill.

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